Our Services

Pop-In Service

There are occasions when someone needs a friendly person to pop in regularly, usually every day and often at the same time each day, to check that they are well. Often this is on behalf of a family who are unable to provide daily assistance, but who would prefer the assurance provided by this service.

Regular Care Services

There are many people who need a lot of care and support to allow them to stay at home. It can be a short-term need or a permanent arrangement. Following our care assessment, we will know what services are needed and how much time to allocate to each client. We are able to attend to a client at intervals all through the day. The support we offer includes giving medication and assisting with all household activities, helping to get up in the mornings or go back to bed at night. This service is used by clients recovering from an operation or illness, or clients with long-term medical problems or disabilities. Whatever your situation, we will endeavour to provide a level of care that gives our clients security of mind, and quality of life.

Sitting Service

This service is offered to clients who have a permanent carer, but who need additional support during the day to allow the main carer a break, or time to attend to other responsibilities. It can be for any period of time from 30 minutes to a few hours, and usually takes the form of light duties or just companionship. This service is usually available during the hours of 7.30am until 10pm.

Continuing Care

There are circumstances in which a client wishes to stay at home as an alternative to hospital or a residential home, but in which they will need a higher level of care for the rest of their lives. Care is managed by a medical professional, for example the District Nurse. In these situations, DACCS offers a support service to individuals allowing them to retain their independence if at all possible, and to preserve their dignity while in their own home environment. Although DACCS carers can’t provide a full nursing service, they can give medication and change dressings under the instructions of the District Nurse, and provide any care recommendations by the medical officer.

Learning Disability

DACCS provides a service which is more about enabling others to lead a fulfilling life in their own homes. These clients may not need help with physical aspects of daily living, but they may need specific help with other aspects of their lives such as banking and finance. Others may need help to ensure they follow healthy eating guidelines, and others mat even need help with general housekeeping. Whatever each client needs to help them get the most out of opportunities they have, we will try to support them. Our service is flexible, to ensure that each client receives the amount of care they need, when they want it.

Domicillary Care

This service is for clients who need help at intervals throughout the day or night, but not on a 24 hour basis. Clients may need help in the morning to get up, bathe and get dressed, and then help during the day with:

  • Cooking
  • Cleaning
  • Housekeeping
  • Paying Bills
  • Shopping
  • and any other activities of daily living.